Priuli Collection

The art of
being venetian

an original Venetian experience

A careful selection
of prestigious structures
located in the authentic Venice

Transform your stay into a work of art.

Fascinating classic environments that tell distant stories through atmospheres created by period furnishings, fabrics and paintings. Each room and apartment in the collection is capable of becoming “a theatre” where guests feel protagonists of a rich and lavish experience.

A journey that becomes relaxing and magical in one of the most enchanting and romantic cities in the world. The cordial service of the staff frames the stay, making it even more unique and tailor-made for the customer with the aim of making them breathe a healthy tranquility.

A nest where art and history take voice, respectfully incorporating the city, making the experience a work of art.


palazzo priuli

An architectural jewel
with age-old charm

Standing majestically on the banks of two canals in an enchanting corner of the city just a few steps from Saint Mark’s Square, Palazzo Priuli is an architectural jewel that has inspired artists throughout the centuries. Today, the hotel welcomes guests in refined surroundings that retain all the centuries-old charm of this historic Venetian residence while offering modern comforts.


palazzo bembo

An ancient residence
overlooking the Rialto Bridge

With rooftop views opening up onto the famed Rialto Bridge and Saint Mark’s campanile, Palazzo Bembo is an intimate hideaway that revives the intimacy of a bygone era with elegant furnishings, precious fabrics, nineteenth-century watercolours, and Murano glass chandeliers.


san lorenzo

A Venetian palace with
modern and refined design

A luxurious hotel along a characteristic canal just a short distance from Saint Mark’s Square, Palazzo San Lorenzo offers an elegant design and modern comforts together with an enchanting panorama as only Venice can offer.



An original Venetian residence
in the heart of the Grand Canal

Locanda Leon Bianco is for the modern soul. Here, overlooking the lively Grand Canal where breathtaking sunrises and sunsets reflect in the water, traditional Venetian décor and luxurious fabrics have been reimagined to create new sensations of a timeless city.


Nicolò Priuli

An original Venetian house full of authentic
dating back centuries.

Conveniently located near Saint Mark’s Square, Casa Niccolò Priuli is a unique Venetian period home that holds stories and emotions from the past. Each room of this intimate residence enjoys a charming view of authentic Venetian neighbourhoods.



A lovable B&B
in the heart of Venice

The Amormio B&B is a peaceful “nest” located in a historic residential area of ​​Venice. Even in the small things, finding love in this location is the priority of our Staff, a welcome that will make your stay a serene moment of peace.

Immerse yourself
in the tradition of Venetian taste

Discover Venice

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Palazzo Priuli

Fondamenta de l'Osmarin, 4979/B

Palazzo Bembo

Riva del Carbon, 4793

Palazzo San Lorenzo

Castello, 4981/B

Locanda Leon Bianco

Cannaregio, 5629

Casa Nicolò Priuli

Castello, 4984/5

B&B Amormio

Corte Cavallo, 3495

Palazzo Priuli
Palazzo San Lorenzo
Casa Nicolò Priuli

Palazzo Bembo

Locanda Leon Bianco

B&B Amormio

San Marco
di Rialto
dei treni

Immergiti nella storia della città


Venice by Night

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